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Golden nuggets of thought

When I speak, it has become a standard practice for me to collect the thoughts from my audience members. Your feelings matter as much as your growth. 

Read what others are saying.

I Learned...

  • I need to do more leading and less managing. 

  • I need to invest more time with my team.

  • three ways to connect 1:1.

I Was Surprised...

  • that I’ve been suffering from destination disease.

  • how much leadership is lacking at my office.

  • what I had in common with three perfect strangers.

I Wish...

  • I had more time with this topic. 

  • other people could take this seminar.

  • more time was spent understanding each other in work settings.

Lisa H.

“Having Amy there to help me make lists and stay after it really helps me. If makes things feel possible and I feel good about that."
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