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What is professional one-on-one coaching?

If the word “coach” makes you think of someone yelling at you to “shoot the ball” or “run this play,” … erase that!

The coaching I offer is not about yelling or even telling; it’s about:

  • listening and asking questions

  • “holding the space” so you can think, process, and emote (if you need to)

  • sorting through where you are currently to where you want to be

I believe your answers are already inside you, but …. you may need help accessing them. Engaging in the designed alliance of coaching… is where I ask you questions that reveal those answers.

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Are you frustrated that:

  • Your comments often seem relegated to a certain number of characters.

  • Life keeps you running from dawn til dusk with barely a moment to call your own.

  • No one listens and asks you what is really going on in your world.

  • Having time to think and reflect is as rare as a friendly store clerk.

Believing you can “hurry up and think and reflect” is a little like thinking you can hurry up and stretch.

Attempting to do either result in thin, weak thoughts and sore, pulled muscles.

Coaching is like the long, slow stretch of yoga…. You become aware of your breathing and finally realize how fast you’ve been moving because you’ve finally stopped.

A coaching session is an intentional time where you can say all that has been swirling around in your head to someone who is highly invested in your success.

One of the main ways it differs from a casual conversation is that your coaching session is ALL ABOUT YOU!

There’s zero expectation that you should “be polite and take turns asking questions.” 

In fact, it is not allowed.

The focus is solely on the following:

  • what do you want to talk about (your goal)

  • why it matters

  • where you are at the moment

  • how you can move closer to it

Coaching topics can be about:

  •  The 15 pounds you want to lose

  • A co-worker who drives you crazy

  • A family member who seems to suck the energy out of you

  • The feeling of a lack of confidence you can’t seem to shake

  • The business goal that you’ve been asked to spearhead

…really, anything that is keeping you stuck and stressed.

How valuable would it be for you to have that safe space where you can verbalize

(even vent a little) in a way that is purposeful in moving you forward?

Mandy D.

"Coaching has helped me to push past limiting beliefs and consider what possibilities could look like that were never even in consideration without having the coaching experience to help drive me there."

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