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Tips for Leaders - Motivation

How do I keep my team motivated with a vision on the future?

Other questions answered in this video series:
Why all this talk about leadership?
How do I deal with team dynamics?
How do I get my team to accept ownership/accountability?
How do I address bad attitudes that are impacting everyone?

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Growing on Purpose Academy

This DIY, 9 Module course is a series of short video lessons with powerful reflecting questions designed to help you explore how your "thinking" is impacting your "doing." You'll also discover the Five Recurring Phases of Growth, and be challenged to get out of your comfort zone. Give your growth journey a kick start, today!

  Speaking and Professional Development  
Keynote Speaker

You’re busy and need the process of booking a speaker to be simple and easy. Knowing what you can expect, helps.

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Looking for a team-building exercise or training on personal growth, communication or leadership for your employees/team? My toolbox is full of interactive options that will cause thinking and growth. I'd love to set up a "discovery call" to talk about your needs.

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1:1 Coaching

I believe your answers are already inside you, but …. you may need help accessing them. Engaging in the designed alliance of one-on-one coaching is where I ask you questions that reveal those answers.

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Growing on Purpose Membership

Growth is a process, and we do better when we're growing together! When you join a community, you gain support and a fresh perspective:

  • Awareness - Gain Clarity and direction involving your growth path

  • Encouragement - Support from other growth-minded women.

  • Transformation - Celebrate being uncomfortable

Choose from two monthly membership options; Growth Transforms Me, and Inner Circle High Impact.

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Seeing Blind Spots

Full of quick-read, real life stories, this book is part entertainment, and part reflecting journal. Enjoy the stories and ponder the questions as you consider the implications for your leadership and... your life. And get ready to face the blind spots that may be keeping you stuck!

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Blindspot Glasses

Discover What’s Keeping You Stuck & Move Forward NOW!

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Five Phases of Growth

Download this pdf today!

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