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Speaking, Coaching, Consulting. It’s what I do.

Crossing over the line between being comfortable and uncomfortable is exactly what I had to do to reinvent myself and focus on intentions of growth.

 Amy Barg 

I have experienced my share of mistakes and failures; we all have. But in order for me to fully reinvent myself, I had to let go of my past, the way I had always done things, and how I thought about my life. 


So, I got really uncomfortable. 


I sold my house, quit my job, moved states, and hit my “reset” button. Living by design, rather than default, opened my eyes to these two truths: 


  1. Turning back is NOT an option. 

  2. Sharing the transformative power of growth is my passion.

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"You’re either growing or shrinking. There is no standing still." 

Establishing a growth-driven environment doesn’t just happen. You have to be intentional. It might seem easier to accept the status quo, but that actually holds you back. Breaking away from “comfort” is what propelled me to become a keynote speaker, train and meet leaders from around the world, publish my book, and most importantly, created my desire to help other people to discover their true potential through the power of personal growth.


One of my greatest growth experiences is being trained and mentored by John Maxwell and his world-class faculty. As a certified of member of  the Maxwell Leadership Executive Program, I have access to exclusive content and resources that I know will help you and your team to grow. And that will lead to improved productivity, performance, and profitability.


The magic happens when  the intentional actions to grow yourself on the inside moves you to excel on the outside!

Ready to get started?

Amy and John Maxwell
Amy on stage
Amy speaking
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Amy on Stage
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Amy speaking
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