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Podcast - Growing with Amy

The biggest gap in life is the one between what we know and what we do. It’s called, the performance gap. That gap gets really wide when it comes to what we tell ourselves about ourselves. Are you ready for a practical approach to closing that gap?

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Amy's Blog

Personal growth has gone from a “nice to have” flicker to a “got to have” blaze! My own growth has definitely led me to do things but more important is who I have become in the process. And THAT means I have more to give to others.

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Seeing Blind Spots

Full of quick-read, real life stories, this book is part entertainment, and part reflecting journal. Enjoy the stories and ponder the questions as you consider the implications for your leadership and... your life.

The insanely practical, leadership and growth questions following each chapter are designed to spark lively discussion with a team and cause contemplative self-reflection. Get ready to face the blind spots that may be keeping you stuck!

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More of a visual learner? Watch a short introduction of who I am, sneak peek into my video series, a workshop topic and short inspiration videos from my YouTube Channel.

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Growing on Purpose Academy

Women! Jump in with an on-demand course focused on you and your personal journey.  The Growing on Purpose Academy has 9 Modules, each with a series of lessons designed to help you explore, understand, and challenge yourself on your growth journey.

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Women Growing on Purpose Membership

Growth is a process, and we do better when we're growing together! When you join a community, you gain support and a fresh perspective:

  • Awareness - Gain Clarity and direction involving your growth path

  • Encouragement - Support from other growth-minded women.

  • Transformation - Celebrate being uncomfortable

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