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  Amy Barg  

Personal Growth
Environment Specialist

I believe your life should be as vibrant as this garden. Attending to your personal growth will make that happen. Let's get you growing!

Hi, I’m Amy.

Creating your personal growth environment is simple.... but it's not easy! There are some super practical steps you can take and they are guaranteed to make you uncomfortable. The good news is... that's how you'll know you're growing. I'm here to help you fall in love with the process so you can enjoy the results it produces. 

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Personal Growth Junkie

Garden Lover

Danced on a table top as  the lead in  Bye, Bye Birdie

“Our people are our greatest asset.”

I hear this phrase all too often. And then, nothing is done to add value to those people that encourages them to reach their full potential. The only way to achieve this is to offer growth and development opportunities. That’s where I come in.

What I Specialize In




“An investment in your growth is an investment in your ability, your adaptability, and your promotability.” - John C. Maxwell

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Explore how your "thinking" is impacting your "doing."


Understand the Five Recurring Phases of Growth.


Challenge you to get out of your comfort zone.

Your Growth Journey Has No Finish Line.

On Demand


Growing on Purpose Academy

Busy but still wanting to grow? You can! This DIY 9-module course is designed to jumpstart your growth at your pace. Short videos and thought-provoking reflecting questions will move you from confused to confident and leave you wanting more… because with growth there is ALWAYS more!

High-Impact Community


Women Growing on Purpose 

Looking for more personal interaction? This boutique membership community offers creative content, lively discussions, meaningful connections, an annual “live event,” surprise gifts and 1:1 coaching…all to ensure you are supported, challenged and celebrated at every step of your personal growth journey.

Get ready to go from living by default (doing without thinking) to living by design by growing on purpose!

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Top Resource

Growing with Amy Podcast

The biggest gap in life is the one between what we know and what we do. It’s called, the performance gap. That gap gets really wide when it comes to what we tell ourselves about ourselves. Are you ready for a practical approach to closing that gap?

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Top Resource

Amy's Blog

Personal growth has gone from a “nice to have” flicker to a “got to have” blaze! My own growth has definitely led me to do things but more important is who I have become in the process. And THAT means I have more to give to others.

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