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Fix Your Hum

Until it happened… I wouldn’t have believed that a noisy refrigerator could be the source of so much stress.

Ramped up to “full throttle” it makes having a conversation in the same room a struggle.

Now I can imagine…. you’re thinking, “Seriously? It can’t be THAT bad. You’re just being too sensitive.”

And the maddening part?

It is only four years old and the problem has been “repaired” twice in the last three months.

Unfortunately, the fix wasn’t and won’t be successful long-term.

One option?

Completely emptying it of its contents every two-three weeks, taking off the back panel inside and allowing the ice that has built up to defrost and then putting it all back together.

Sam and I have determined, “no thanks” to that.

But the irony of all this noisy mess is how it has heightened my awareness about another issue that I continue to hear hum in conversations with clients.



That’s the problem 99 percent of the time.

People who:

· can’t be trusted

· aren’t punctual

· don’t feel valued

· aren’t motivated

· lack a sense of urgency about deadlines

· hassle others

· constantly feel stressed

…are causing a lot of noise!

And here’s the rub…

All these “jobs that must be done” require…. people.

So, it’s not like we can say, “Fine. Forget these people. Let’s just get rid of them!”

Anymore than I can say, “Refrigerator? Who needs it?!”

No, somehow, some way the “noisy” people issues must be addressed.

What fascinates me is how that happens or… doesn’t.

See most of the time it boils down to one word: pain.

It isn’t until the pain becomes big, bad and loud enough, that action is taken.

You’ve seen it happen… on a team, in a family at a business, everyone can “know” that there’s a problem with a person, department or process, but until there’s “an all-out bleed out” we turn a blind eye and deaf ear.

Or even worse… an occasional Band-Aid is applied to the gaping wound with a nod and a wink (i.e. suggesting ear plugs as a solution for our noisy frig).


Silencing the roar is going to cost us money; more than we thought we would have to spend so soon after purchasing a NEW refrigerator.

And the same is true when it comes to people.

Dealing with “people” issues IS going to cost; done well and right, in both time and money.

But there’s good news!

A huge advantage comes into play, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

“To maximize success, organizations must be smart and healthy. But, it is easier and less messy to look at the smart side and ignore the healthy side. The BEST opportunity for competitive advantage is on the healthy side.” ~ Patrick Lencioni

Now I get it… really looking at the “health” side of our team, family or company is challenging:

· What if we make a mistake?

· Are we really the expert in dealing with people and their “stuff?”

· And where in the world do we start?

More good news: “You don’t have to get it perfect… you just have to get it going.”

But what I’m going to say about where to start to get it going… may surprise you.

It starts with you.

Before you can ever hope to create change in others you have to first look at… yourself.

Knowing what:

· makes you tick

· causes you react and respond the way you do

· “lights your fire”

· drives you crazy

…the better equipped you’ll be to make the necessary adjustments in yourself.

Surprisingly, those personal changes can often be the catalyst for the change in others.

It is a little like…. fixing the hum in your own refrigerator first, (and believe me… we are ALL humming to one degree or another) before you attempt to point out the noise in someone else’s life.

Remembering that “messy” starts with “me” is the perfect perspective to have as we tackle the health side of anything.

Now honestly, KNOWING that facing your messy gives YOU the competitive advantage…. nothing should stop you!

Even MORE good news: To “get it going” with regard to hearing and addressing your hum… just click right here to take The Communication Impact Report!

You’ll be glad you did.

And so will those who have been listening to your noise.

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