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Did You Know You Have One of These?

It's been 27 years since my son was in junior high math class... long enough to have forgotten most of what he learned.

(OK, probably not, because he remembers.... almost everything.)

What I remember about his math teacher was being at Open House and keeping a running tally of how many times he said this one word.

I texted him yesterday and asked, "What was the word your junior high math teacher said ALL THE TIME?"

Within minutes he replied, "Mm-kay."

I have no idea if the teacher was aware of his go-to word, but it was.... noticed.

I'm curious what YOU noticed in the video I sent to you last week (in case you missed it watch it here).

I noticed:

· the guy was completely rambling

· it had so many obvious typos

· I wasn't worried about the puppy (those of you who know me well will particularly understand that)

While I don't know what you noticed.... here's something I DO know:

EVERYONE notices different things they like AND... things they don't like about how people communicate.

Here are a few of my "don'ts"....

· Using the SAME word repeatedly (Mm-kay).

· When someone I'm talking to looks over my head (or just around) instead of at me.

· People who only reply to ONE of the THREE questions I ask in my email (even when I number them).

So what???

So... you have your own list of "don'ts" as well.

You may not be able to make a list of them, but you notice them WHEN they happen.

If you notice those things about other people's communication style.... what do you think other people notice about your communication style?

OK, maybe you never even thought about communication having a "style," but I can assure you.... it does and yours does.

How valuable would it be if you KNEW things about YOUR communication style that:

· were off-putting to some (Mm-kay)?

· could help you close the deal?

· matched that of your boss, client or family member?

Knowing those things about ourselves matter if we communicate:

· to do our work

· with those we love

· to get our needs met

· with the hope of improving our world

There you go.... every day and in every way... your communication style (and you DO have one) matters.

Never given your communication style much thought?

I encourage you to pay attention this week to what you notice about yours because I promise you... others are, Mm-kay?

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