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Are You Filling or Fueling?

Sam and I had an AMAZING experience last weekend... The Lume.

Several friends had told me it was something "not to be missed."

But even with all of their descriptions about how immersive it was, I will confess.... I still didn't get it.

That is... until I went.

Walking into the massive room where for an hour, larger than life-sized paintings of Vincent Van Gogh were displayed on the walls, spilled onto the floors and even had moving parts was a mind-bending "first-time ever" for sure.

As fabulous as it was, I'm confident that reading my words falls tremendously short of helping you to feel the magic.

In the same way... telling you our lunch at Fire on the Monon afterwards topped the "tasty" chart probably doesn't make your mouth water.

Let's face it.

Sometimes... you just have to "be there."

John Maxwell learned this a long time ago, which is why every year when he hosts his Live 2 Lead conference he says, "Bring your team with you."

The reason?

He knows when you attempt to retell the relevant points shared by the various speakers with your friends and colleagues it is a little like serving potatoes at every meal.

Yes, it fills your stomach, but it doesn't fuel your body to perform at its best. (To be fair, substitute any food... not meaning to dis potatoes.)

In other words, allowing people to hear what was important to you isn't the same as allowing them to determine what is relevant for them.

You can fill them with your perspective but that won't necessarily fuel them to take action.

At a time when finding and keeping good employees is top of mind for all forward-thinking leaders, it is more important than ever to find ways to add value to them that will also move them to take action for you and the team.

How valuable would it be for you to find something that it is:

  • incomparable (only available through my Maxwell connection)?

  • flexible (select the date and time)?

  • customizable (choose the components that best meet the needs of your team)?

  • affordable (reap the benefits of my Maxwell discount)?

Here's something to consider....

The holidays are approaching and while that typically means filling ourselves with festive foods (nothing inherently wrong with that) it's also an opportunity to fuel the people on your team for success as you close out this year and launch into the next!

If you're interested... I can help you with that!

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