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Are you asking this powerful question?

My 40 foot blue spruce is dying.

We had an arborist check it out earlier this summer and while we may be able to slow it's decline.... we can't stop it.

I see it every day out of my office window and yet it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when it began the downward spiral.

Once it's gone it will leave a gaping hole that will expose my garden to many more hours of sunlight than it receives right now. And without a doubt, THAT will produce a significant ripple effect impacting everything I have planted there.

Which brings me to the answer to the subject of this email.

How valuable would it be?

There are so many ways I could ask that question about my spruce.

How valuable would it be....

  • if we had explored the best ways to care for a tree like that when we first moved in?

  • if realized sooner that it was ailing?

  • if someone had a cure for what ails it?

Unfortunately, actually tragically.... we didn't think to ask that one question soon enough.

And that got me to thinking about how often and how easy it is to miss that question in life.

I believe, if we ask and answer it soon enough and often enough .... it can potentially (and literally) change everything.

Now you might argue, "Amy, it simply isn't possible to always be able to ask and answer that."

I would agree.


Sometimes it IS possible.

And when it is... it is incredibly powerful.

Here's why I think that should matter to you.

Two and a half months ago Women Growing on Purpose had its Founding Member Launch and essentially, it was based on this question:

How valuable would it be for you to go from living by default (doing without thinking) to living by design (by growing on purpose)?

Since that launch I have watched as these women from all walks and stages of life have gotten super intentional about answering that question and it has been wonderfully inspiring and motivating to watch them reframe their beliefs, thoughts and... behaviors.

Today, I want to encourage you to consider how YOU would answer that question.

And if you are tempted to say, "I'll think about that later," let me caution you.

It is entirely possible that there are parts of you that could be suffering from the "blue spruce syndrome" that if left alone.... could begin your own unwanted ripple effect. And because you are undoubtedly in relationship with many people you love, your ripple will impact them.

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