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And Then Some

I have to admit… when I heard the phrase, “Popsicle hotline” I thought… “Seriously?”

Maybe, because I have never been a huge fan of Popsicles.

But as I read more about what it actually IS… I realized how fabulous it would be if we ALL had one.

So… it’s actually mentioned in a book I’m reading by Chip Heath and Dan Heath called, The Power of Moments.

And it is a real thing offered at a hotel in California.

Mounted on the wall near the pool, there’s a cherry-red phone that connects you to a person who will deliver in white gloves, the Popsicle of your choice poolside…. on a silver tray! And it’s free.

Apparently, there’s just something about that “something” … because that hotel’s rating has rocketed to being one of the top in Los Angles.

Bottom line?

It’s about (as the book title suggests) creating a moment that will be remembered.

The beauty, and the power, in this idea of moments is that you don’t have to obsess about EVERY moment, just make some…. magical.

Which of course made me think about this already magical time of year.

So, how hard could it be???

I mean, come on… we could ALL do something to create a little magic for others.

In fact, I’ll wager you have already got some fun little something planned for your spouse, friend, kids, maybe even employees… in the next few weeks.

That is GREAT!

And to be honest, it’s probably a little bit expected.

To do nothing during a season when doing something is the norm…. would fall pretty flat.

See, where I think this idea of magic moments begs for momentum is in the routine of the everyday.

SO much of our thinking, doing and being happens in auto-pilot mode.

We are creatures of habit, routine and dare I say it??? Rut.

And while some routines are necessary and near the low end on the excitement scale (washing dishes and mowing the lawn come to mind) they are, nonetheless, essential.

I mean, really… what is “magical” about those?

The Heath brothers spell out four, specific elements that make for the magic.

For today, I’ll just share one; insight.

This is where we have one of those, “Oh my gosh, I realize ‘this might influence my life for decades’ moments.”

The way they say it is, “Defining moments rewire our understanding of ourselves or the world.”

You’ve probably had some of those…. (maybe even while mowing!)

And while I’d love to think that something you’ve read that I’ve written has caused an insight light bulb to blink on… I’m realistic enough to know it may take more than my words alone to catapult you into action.

So, here’s an opportunity for your very own “two-by-four to the head” moment that has the potential to be magical.

Over the past few weeks my dear friend, Beth Montpas, has compiled a series of phenomenal interviews with people who are experts in their fields, in her Ignite Your Life series.

I felt honored to be included in her celebrity line-up and had a blast answering her questions.

What she has offered to me, that I am able to offer to you is a FREE replay of ALL of those interviews.

From coaches, to authors, to news anchors, to business owners and bloggers you’ll have the ability to listen to people who are living their lives ON PURPOSE and creating some incredible moments in the process.

And… each speaker has a free gift for you.

This is an incredible opportunity for you to click, listen and have your own “crystallization of discontent” perhaps what you need to get moving in your life.

John Maxwell says (and I agree), “Everything worthwhile is uphill. And…It doesn’t take a lot to be better, but it does take something.”

New insights not only set you up for personal magic moments but they set the stage for you to create them for others.

So, it’s a two-fer.

For you… and then some.

Your own Popsicle hotline!

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